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Zaffet Entertainment at it's best. Rich history with modern flair The Wedding Band brings your wedding and event dreams to life! Known for their originality and professionalism, The Wedding Band presents the traditional arts of Middle Eastern, folk dance in fabulous contemporary style.
A unique mixture of Zaffe : Lebanese, Egyptian, Iraqi , Musical Band: Guitar, Piano, Violin.
 Oriental band: Kanoun, Nay, Oud. Singers: Duo, One Man Show, DJ's, Sound Systems, Lighting and Fire Show, Hostess and Wedding Coordinator.  


Make your night memorable with our professional musicians who can provide an entire live band with your choice of singers and make your entrance as bride and groom in a new traditional Arabian style featuring the famous Tuble, Zamer, Tambourines professional dance group, specialized in Zaffe dances and shows.

The Wedding Band have a variety of shows that satisfy all tastes such as traditional Lebanese, Egyptian, Iraqi , Turkish , Afghan and other styles. When that special day comes, you need everything to be so perfect.

The Wedding Band bring their Zaffe Entertainment Australia wide to Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart and Darwin. Weddings, Corporate Parties, Birthdays, Celebrations and Special Events call: 
The Wedding Band: 0417 298 775

Celebrate with The Wedding Band: Lebanese Entertainment , Arabic Entertainment, Iraqi Entertainment, Afgan Entertainment & Turkish Entertainment.

The Wedding Band

The Wedding Band started as a small group that was mainly specialized in traditional wedding ceremonies. for more than Ten years following the establishment, the hierarchy of the group was restructured with respect to members and many people.
The Lebanese show groups gave weddings a new aspect and included in them essential activities.     


Wedding Zaffet Sydney

Sydney's Zaffe band, The Wedding Band specialise in traditional Lebanese, Egyptian, Iraqi , Turkish , Afghan and other styles..


Christening Zaffet Sydney

Your darling little angel was sent from Heaven above, you celebrate his (her) christening day
You're surrounding him (her) with love A child is a precious gift from God engoy it with all of your heart..


Corporate Zaffet Entertainment

Have Sydney's Zaffe Group The Wedding Band at your next corporate function. A cultural experience with non-stop energy and a visual spectacular by talented musicians and performers.


Birthday Party Zaffet

Birthdays are celebrated in numerous cultures, often with a gift, party or with a big bang so contact the wedding band for a celebration of zaffe entertainment you will never forget.


Christmas Party Zaffet

Need something a little different this year to get you into the Christmas spirit? We've got the perfect Christmas group to help warm you up inside.


The Wedding Band Sydney


The extraordinary live entertainment band The Wedding Band are far more than just a wedding band. This group of some of the country's finest musicians and entertainers come together and deliver a performance you'll never forget. The energy and atmosphere is simply amazing creating an event to never be forgotten.



Contact The Wedding Band today.
Office: 02 9771 4455
Sam: 0417 298 775